Fixed Ratio Gearboxes

The heart of our transmission technology is the result of over 30 years of continuous on-going NASCAR racing development by one of its premier transmission suppliers.

Fixed Reducers and Generator Overdrives

IEdrives offers a family of fixed reducers for medium and heavy duty vehicle applications. All of IEdrives reducers can be operated in either direction of rotation, allowing for our reducers to become a speed increasing gearbox. This capability can be beneficial for allowing low speed engines to drive high speed generators. As with the EVT2 multiple speed transmission, IEdrives offers a high rpm configured reducer, and a high torque capable reducer.

EVT1-DR High RPM, Double Reduction Reducer

IEdrives’ double reduction gearbox is designed for the lower torque, high rpm motors typically used in light trucks and smaller shuttle buses, class 3 to class 5. This gearbox can provide reduction ratios up to 4:1 @ 200kW. The –DR can also be configured as a rpm step up gearbox for applications such as converting low speed engine based PTO to a high input rpm into a generator. The –DR also has two other members in this gearbox family.

There is a –SR single reduction which offers ratios up to 2.5:1 along with a –TR triple reduction with ratios up to 10:1 dependent upon the motor output torque.

EVT1-SRHT Single Reduction High Torque Reducer

IEdrives’ single reduction, high torque gearbox is specifically designed to take the high motor output torque, up to 3,000 Nm, and further multiple that torque to the driveshaft. A primary value of this gearbox is allowing those vehicles using this type motor in a direct drive configuration to be able to use the full range of the motor’s rpm.
A typical maximum driveshaft rpm for a commercial truck is around 2,500 rpm.

The rpm of the slowest large motors is 3,500, leaving almost 1/3 of the motor rpm unusable. The 2,500 to 3,500 rpm is unusable due to either far too high of a vehicle speed or insufficient motor power to go faster, or some of both problems.

The EVT1-SRHT can reduce the effective motor rpm to the driveshaft, thereby match top vehicle speed, while further increasing the gradeability and improving acceleration capability of that vehicle.


Options For
all IEdrives' Transmissions

Input Shaft

IEdrives can provide an adaptor to match any motor output to IEdrives transmission input. For splined motor shaft diameters of 1.5 inch (40 mm) or less. IEdrives can offer direct coupling of motor output shaft to the female IEdrives input spline. Contact IEdrives for more information.

Bell Housing or Mounting Plate

IEdrives provides design and fabrication of bell housing or mounting plate as necessary.

Bell housing

A bell housing is required when an input shaft adaptor connects motor shaft to transmission. This adds 3-4 inches to total installed length depending upon motor shaft length.

Adaptor plate

A simple adaptor plate can be used when direct motor to transmission connection is possible. This adds less than 1 inch to the motor/transmission length.

Output Shaft

IEdrives can provide nearly any common automotive driveshaft spline as a no cost “off-the-shelf” option. For all others, IEdrives can match the spline. IEdrives can also provide adapters and matching End Yokes or Flange Yokes any Spicer 1330 thru 1710 series U-joints, or ISO 8667 Type T cross-hatch connections. These compact adapters allow standard bolt on driveshaft attachments to any of IEdrives’ transmissions. Alternative, customer specified, terminations can be provided.


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