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IEdrives multi-speed transmissions and gearboxes are specifically designed to be used with electric motor powered vehicles.  Our technology has over 30 years of development meeting the demands of NASCAR’s 9,000 to 10,000 rpm engines discharging 600 kilowatts (800 hp) for hours on end.  Our core technology has accumulated over 12,000,000 kilometers (7,000,000 miles) just in race events.  

Our heavy duty automated manual transmissions (AMT) and 1-speed gear boxes have been designed to meet the reliability and service life standards typical for heavy duty vocational trucks and buses operating in the USA.  Our life target is 1,000,000 miles (1,609,000 kilometers).

You can learn more about the superior Performance advantages of IEdrives compact, rugged transmissions for electric trucks and all other electric vehicles, both on and off road applications. Product descriptions and specifications for each of IEdrives transmissions can be found in Products along with Design Services that IEdrives offers.

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